Classroom Teaching Experience


During my time at the University of West Florida, I was fortunate enough to teach a one hour and thirty minute graduate class with two other team members. I spoke to the class about different types of teaching activities that can be useful when creating course material.This helped foster a critical learning environment that I targeted for the classroom.  

  • Below is detailed information that helped produce an effective classroom teaching experience:
    1. The learning objectives that we set forth were:
      • learn how to turn a student prejudice into a teachable moment by addressing the conflict.
      • learn how to conduct different types of Teaching/Learning Activities (TLAs)
      • learn to analyze and create a natural critical learning environment through dialogue.
    2. Teaching such a long class, it was necessary to create learning activities which kept the students engaged throughout the allotted time.  
      • The class was begun with a minitest of the assigned reading. This allowed us to prime the students minds for the upcoming information that would be taught.
      • Activity 1 was to create a concept map of what the students thought made up a critical learning environment.
      • Activity 2 was a lecture about effective TLAs (Teacher Learning Activities)
      • Activity 3 was a group activity where students had to create a prejudice teachable moment.
  • These elements were included to maximize our time spent facilitating the learning session, and encouraging the students to actively participate and engage with the course materials.
  • The learning objectives were measured through both classroom activities and student feedback collected after the learning session.
      • Objective 1 was completed by having students do a role-playing activity where they could actively participate in turning student prejudices into teachable moments.
      • Objective 2 was completed by covering the lecture material and collecting student feedback.
      • Objective 3 was completed by using a concept map to open up students minds to a natural critical learning environment.
  • As a summary of participant feedback, the following was noted:
    • Students performed well on the minitest
    • Students reported a high level of engagement and facilitation
    • The videos and activities were well received, especially the use of a concept map
    • Participants seemed to enjoy the student-led approach
    • “Team members did a great job of getting everyone to participate”