Teaching Philosophy

The classroom offers a unique opportunity to educate and teach unlike any other platform. A teaching technique is critical to creating a successful classroom experience. Every educator must have a teaching philosophy. David’s is based on one concept, creating a critical learning environment. His philosophy will describe how to achieve such a task.


Before every class, specific reading will be assignment about the subject matter that will be discussed in class. To begin each class, a ten-question quiz will be administered to prime the students for the upcoming subject matter. These quizzes are not meant to punish the students but rather reward them for their efforts. Before each quiz is administered, I will give the students time to ask questions regarding the reading. After the first five questions the students will gather in assigned groups and retake the first five questions with their group. Once the quiz is completed I will offer a chance for the students to appeal any questions. This technique will get the students minds ready for the learning environment.


Relationships with students can vary depending on class size. However, I will remember every students’ name and something important to them. It is important for the teacher to put effort into knowing each student and their backgrounds. This will allow me to have effective dialogue with the students. I will not be the student’s friend, I will be their teacher. To make sure this happens a certain level of authority will be demonstrated when needed.


Once the completion of the quiz I will set up a environment where the students feel comfortable to allow themselves to freely let their guard down and speak their minds. Open discussion of the subject matter will allow students to speak freely on their views and opinions. The environment will exclude any electronic devices unless otherwise allowed by myself. I see it as an absolute necessity to force the students to put their electronic devices away for them to fully reach their potential.  To truly create this critical learning environment, I must allow all genders and race feel comfortable to speak freely. I will not tolerate students insulting one another or speaking down to one another. At times, I will allow the students to lead the discussion as I will moderate. I will step into the discussion to make sure it stays on topic and as I feel needed.

By priming students for the upcoming subject matter and building relationships with the students this will help create the environment. Once the environment is set, I will seek strong dialogue about the subject matter that will foster students to gain their own clear understanding of the material. The purpose of a critical learning environment for the students to learn the subject matter on their own terms. My classroom experience will be discussion based but I will use activities and lectures when needed.