Resilience in Athletes

During David’s time at University of West Florida he will earn his Masters in Strategic Communication and Leadership. In trying to understand what helps athletes succeed, David targeted the term “resilience” for his graduate capstone project.

In his first season at UWF, the team only won 7 games but had a scoring margin of -5 points per contest, a two possession difference. The following year, UWF went 20-8 with a scoring margin of +4, a two possession difference. This drove David to research resilience and find out how to measure it in athletes. He believes that resilience plays a role in team success. Understanding this information could help foster coaches’ understanding of how to effectively communicate to their team. Understanding how resilient a team is could be the difference between losing and winning.

Through his research he was able to determine that resilience plays an important role in athlete’s level of success. He was also able to provide detailed statistics for coaches to help them determine if they need to improve their teams resilience. He also offers leadership methods in how to accomplish increasing resilience at an individual level and team level.

Below is a link to his research:

Resilience How leadership and success impact athlete’s levels of resilience_Pruett