Extra Effort

Its very easy to give up if you don’t understand something. People tend to believe that Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Steve Jobs are all given their talent. This is in’t true. They all learned to use their failures as motivation to achieve their goals. You can as well.

Do you believe students with great grades at the collegiate and graduate level are just naturally smarter than everyone? If you do, than you need to rethink what being smart means.

When do you feel smart? When you’re flawless and correct or when you are learning? (Dweck 2006).

Students and athlete’s that put in the effort are the ones that succeed. Students may have to reread a chapter, get tutoring or meet with the professor in order for them to achieve an A. That doesn’t mean they aren’t smart, it means they are smart. Smart enough to put in extra work and use their resources. An athlete may have to study more film or work more on their fundamentals in order to achieve their goals.

Michael Jordan didn’t make his middle school team, Tom Brady’s football career started as a back up QB on a win less JV team. Steve Jobs was fire by the own company he helped create. They worked, put in the extra effort and used their failures as motivation. They are smart.




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