Servant Leadership: A leader should never consider himself above anyone else on his team. Be a servant first and others will serve.

A coach’s ego can either destroy a team or bring unity to the team. In leadership it is important for the coach to not focus on the rewards that winnings brings to them personally but rather what it brings to the players. It goes hand and hand with losing. If a coach is focused on winning games so he can personally benefit from it for profit or possibly another job than he is in it for the wrong reasons. A great coach needs to be understand the servant leadership theory. This leadership theory will bring a team closer together through trust and loyalty.

Servant Leadership Theory: This theory involves the leader acting as a servant first. The leader is not above anyone else and will put him or herself in a position that allows others to lead. There is a strong connection to each member of the team because of the absence of leader’s elevated sense of self-importance. The primary focus lies in the growth of the individuals involved with the cause.

  • Key Theorist: Robert K. Greenleaf: “The difference manifest itself in the care take by the servant first to makes sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served” (1970).
  • Key Leader: Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Effects: Long term loyalty, growth, trust
  • Terms often used in Servant include:
    1. Wise
    2. Patient

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