“Shoot for the Stars” basketball camp at UWF is becoming one of the most premier camps in Pensacola.

Head coach of UWF’s mens basketball program Jeff Burkhamer, hosted his third “Shoot for the Stars” Basketball camp. Last year the camp consistent of 40 kids. This past week the camp hosted 80 campers.  This summer basketball camp is quickly becoming one of the premier camps in the Pensacola area.

I have had the pleasure of helping Coach Burkhamer with these camps for many years. To see how the community and UWF is supporting the camp is wonderful. The camp offers kids of ages 5-15 learn the fundamentals of life and basketball. This camp is one of the few that mainly focuses on teaching the campers the fundamentals of basketball so they can go home after camp and understand what they need to work on. To have the tools to help improve their game.


Each age group has a coach that teaches and guides them throughout the week. I have had the pleasure of coaching the youngest age group for many years. It brings great pleasure to me to see the young kids learn to love the game of basketball. To learn how to play the game correctly and to enjoy the sport the way its supposed too.

Look forward to next summer!



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